Elon Musk fires a Twitter engineer with a public tweet for going against him

Elon Musk has been giving Twitter plenty to talk about since becoming the owner of the $44,000 million social network. Above all, the topic that has been discussed the most is the mass dismissal of thousands of activists from the platform. the last most infamous is the employee who got fired To publicly refute the businessman.

Last Sunday, Musk published a tweet in which he apologized for Twitter’s slow speeds in some countries. Erich Fraunhofer, an activist, quoted him to contradict his new boss’ message: “I Six years working on Twitter for Android And I can say that it is a lie.”

The two began a discussion, in which the tycoon asked Fraunhofer to explain what he was talking about and to explain what he believed was slowing Twitter usage on Android. The activist answered all of Musk’s technical questions and said that ideally the billionaire would have asked him in private, via email or slack.

Finally, Fraunhofer admitted that, with his attitude, it was most likely that he did not want “a man like that”. [como él]on his team. Musk agreed with him, writing: “You’re fired.” businessman deleted tweetBut it was already captured by the users.

Fraunhofer, a 41-year-old engineer who had worked at Twitter for several years, confirmed in an interview for Forbes that the dismissal had been made. “my laptop [del trabajo] It’s locked and I can’t log in”. she claimed.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion.

Also the former worker mentioned it The company is in “free fall”: “Nobody can trust anybody. How can it work like this? The employees don’t trust the new management, the bosses don’t trust the employees.”

The engineer isn’t the only one fired by the social network in recent weeks. As we have already reported on other occasions here at 20BITS, thousands of employees have lost their jobs without any prior notice, they have only confirmed the same. not being able to access slackthe platform they use to communicate within the company, Nor for the equipment provided to do the job.

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