Elon Musk is allowed to launch another 7,500 Starlink satellites into our lower orbit

SpaceX continues with its goal of filling the skies with Starlink satellites to offer internet to anywhere in the world. really, created a new generation of satellites For which the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already got the green signal to start.

Elon Musk’s company Will launch 7,500 satellites instead of about 30,000 Which he wanted to release as per his request of FCC. Those known as Gen2 Starlink will be located in low Earth orbit, and the FCC has detailed that the decision not to deploy even half of what was planned is due to the fact that they had to first find “orbital debris and Concerns about space security have to be addressed”.

for SpaceX to launch satellites that provide internet connections, Must coordinate with other satellite operatorsLike NASA and the National Science Foundation. This requirement would attempt to protect scientific missions and radio astronomy.

The initial rates in Spain were higher than initially reported.

So far, the American aerospace company has put into orbit about 3,500 first generation satellites. your internet service have at least half a million customers And it aims to continue expanding.

Many astronomers have already complained about problems arising from the low orbit of Starlink satellites. It becomes difficult to observe space from Earth. One of the possible solutions would be to darken this space technology or use sun visors to do so, which would reduce the reflection that makes the work of experts difficult.

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