Elon Musk officially announced a price hike in Twitter’s paid subscriptions

Elon Musk already proposed this in April, but it will become a reality with the acquisition of Twitter: lUsers who want to verify their account will have to pay for the famous blue tick. Some rumors last week led us to think that the price could be as high as $19.99 per month, now that the businessman has confirmed the feature at a less expensive rate than before.

The new owner of the social network explained that the current verification system is “nonsense” and that the power will now be “for the people”. Yes actually, Paying $8.99 per month for Twitter BlueThe platform’s premium service that is currently only available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand costs $4.99 as of now.

With a Twitter Blue subscription, you can also access other exclusive features:

  • Priority in reply, mention and searchWhich Musk considers necessary to crack down on spam and scams.
  • Long video and audio.
  • less ads.
  • chances of bypass the paywall (paywall), used by media that reach an agreement with the App.

Twitter’s premium service intends to become a new source of revenue for the platform following its purchase of Tycoon last week. It is not yet known when these tools will launch alongside Twitter Blue or what will happen to verified accounts in countries where paid subscriptions are not available.

The function will allow users to earn money on their Telegram channels.

Some celebrities with blue tick accounts have already criticized this new measure proposed by Musk when it was leaked that it would cost $19.99 a month. “$20 a month to keep my blue brand?” Writer Stephen King tweeted. Fuck, they should pay me. If it’s installed, I’ll go like Enron.”

Following this King post, the owner of SpaceX, Testa, and Twitter replied: “We have to pay the bills somehow! Twitter can’t fully trust advertisers. How about $8? $8.99 which eventually will cost are equal to 8.08 euros at the current exchange rate.

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