Elon Musk postpones Twitter payment verification again

likely to reach twitter payment verification It has been postponed again indefinitely, as announced on stage by its new owner, Elon Musk. The tycoon commented a few weeks back that those who didn’t pay for the service premium Twitter Blue will no longer have access to blue badges.

Although the billionaire’s idea is still a work in progress, he has admitted that it will take longer than expected to materialise. “We are pausing the relaunch of blue verification until we have a high degree of confidence that we can prevent fake identities Musk pointed out. We’ll probably use different colored symbols for organizations and individuals.”

Had the opportunity to verify an account in exchange for money for a few days. However, this allowed users to impersonate real companies, as it happened Pharmaceutical Eli Lilly, which fell 4% on the stock market On November 11, a user changed his name to the company and made fun of the insulin patent being issued.

It will release in September 2023.

The fake verified account was suspended from Twitter, but the consequences had already arrived. This matter reached twitter Stop using your Blue payment service And the ‘official’ brand had to be added to the actual brand and personality to differentiate them from those who paid for the Blue Tick.

Musk hoped that Twitter Blue would once again be available for purchase of Blue Badges on November 29, but that date would take more time to arrive. In the meantime, Layoffs continue in the social network And many users have opted to leave the platform, while others are considering it.

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