Elon Musk postpones Twitter’s payment verification plan until November 29

Elon MuskTwitter, the owner since late October of the social network, reported on Tuesday its decision to suspend the platform’s payment verification program until November 29.

“We are postponing the release of ‘Blue Verified’ until 29 November to be sure,” the South African tycoon said in a message. Twitter,

This decision of Musk has come after several days in which users red social who chose to pay $7.99 per month They indicated that they could not access the function of ‘Twitter Blue’,

The new payment model proposed by the billionaire will be Suspended after allowing countless users to obtain verification for impersonating entities Damage to the reputation of recognized companies or public figures.

as it was doing until it stopped working, ‘Twitter Blue’ includes additional features that only its subscribers can access, among them, to customize the icon of application and your account theme, turn on read mode or create folders of saved items from your profile, as well as get early access to beta features like tweet editing. Membership also provides fewer ads.

Meanwhile, one of the main changes is the meaning of the blue check mark. The badge no longer simply refers to verified accounts as “active, notable and authentic”.But it also indicated that the account had an active subscription to ‘Twitter Blue’, as the company states on a page dedicated to subscriptions.

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