Elon Musk raises payments within Twitter to make platform profitable

Elon Musk wants to monetize the social network in the long term through an internal payment system. The New York Times reports that the businessman focuses on advertisers and even money transferBecause the company is registered with the Financial Crimes Control Network, which belongs to the Office of the United States Treasury Department.

Another innovation is video’s commitment to supporting an ecosystem of content creators, which includes A pay wall that will allow those interested to unlock certain publications in lieu of payment.

In this service, the price will be controlled by determining the manufacturer payment of between one and ten euros (almost), according to The Washington Post.

On the other hand, the wall and verification process will be based on your payment system, in addition, any user who subscribes to Twitter Blue will be verified by a ‘traditional payment system’.

Musk defends that giving internet users blue ticks would be a tool combat fake accounts and botSimilarly, messages from accounts without this badge will become emails to the folder of spami.e. they will be visible but their range will be less.

For membership, interested parties must Enter credit or debit card, Payment is processed through the store’s internal purchasing system. Appsand later, there is a possibility that it could be transfer money within twitter through donations.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk is looking for different ways of financing to make Twitter profitable.

Elon Musk’s main idea is to link bank accounts to profiles that users have balances in the application, meanwhile, has another purpose. Turn a social network into a platform similar to WeChat (One Application which provides messaging, payments, shopping etc.).

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