Elon Musk wants to release 1.5 billion usernames of Twitter accounts that haven’t been used in years

Twitter is going to clean up usernames that haven’t been used on the social network for years Will affect approximately 1.5 billion accountsand is currently working on a software update to let users know if they have made themselves invisible on the social network.

Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk has announced the release of millions of accounts, which would mean deleting millions of accounts. who hasn’t tweeted or logged in in years,

In total, Tycoon estimates they will issue some 1,500 million accounts. drop the name they useSo that it is available to other users, as stated in his personal Twitter profile.

Musk has also announced An innovation that will allow users to know “the real status of their account”, so that they can check whether your profile and your posts have been classified as not suitable to be shown to other users and why they have been decided. They can also appeal this position.

This innovation will rely on a software update the platform is already working on, and is similar to the recent announcement by Instagram introducing a space for professional users Where to check if your content is eligible to appear as recommended and if it is not, see the reason why it has been rejected, and also request a review of the said decision.

The interface is more like Instagram than Twitter.

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