Emily Blunt shouldn’t be surprised by Tom Cruise’s quick response

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 28: Actors Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise attend the ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Red Carpet at the Premiere Fan Tour at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on May 28, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman / WireImage)

what tom cruise He is a completely dedicated person towards his work, this is a fact known to the whole world. The way he indulges in the riskiest action sequences, he fights to remain a magnet for the box office in favor of conventional cinema and gets totally involved in each and every shoot with or without the pandemic in between . He himself challenged all Hollywood, insurance companies and film making investors mission impossible 7 At the worst of the pandemic and with a fit of rage. because of what Emily Blunt broke down in front of him on the sets of on the edge of tomorrow Complaining about a technical detail surprises me far more than her partner’s response.

If we go back to the last decade, we’ll remember that before that futuristic film directed by Doug Liman, Emily Blunt I was living a typecasting in Hollywood as the young lady of the male lead on duty. He was shooting small budget films where he could be more prominent, but when it came to large scale productions, he was Steve Carell. (just like life), Benicio del Toro (crazy man), Jack Black (Gulliver’s Travels) o Matt Damon (hidden destination) who led the stories. That all changed the day he became Tom Cruise’s partner, with a character that was designed to see him as an action hero.

However, things were very different when filming began because, according to Emily Blunt in the podcast smartless (Via NY Post), grapples with the reality of what it means to make a film of these features. But also with Tom Cruise’s delivery to work without a doubt or complaints. ,We had to wear these huge costumes, which I think would have been great if we could have done them in CGI, but we wanted to do everything cleverly. Explained.

,When you hear the word ‘touch’ you think of something cute and comfortable. But there was nothing comfortable about those suits. His weight was about 40 kg. They were too heavy” to continue. ,the first time i put it on i started crying and [Cruise] Don’t know what to do”. Emily Blunt She says her partner stared at her as she panicked inside the suit, wondering how she would be able to shoot the entire film carrying something so heavy. ,I said ‘Tom, I don’t know how I’m going to do the whole shoot’ and I started crying.” admitted to. ,I told him, ‘I’m feeling a little nervous about the whole shoot.'”

Poster for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ (Warner Bros.)

But then Tom Cruise stopped her in her tracks and spoke his mind plainly. ,He looked at me for a long time and didn’t know what to do and said ‘Come on, stop being such a coward, okay?'”. Blunt revealed that her partner’s phrase surprised her and made her laugh, apparently managing to stop the fear she was feeling. That is to say, there is no compassionate talk about it, no explanation or conversation, but a sentence that summarizes that narrow and direct vision in just a few words. tom cruise When it comes to work: Looking ahead and giving maximum to complete the task.

Tom Cruise’s apparently sudden reaction isn’t surprising because that’s exactly how we know him through anecdotes and stories about his career. His fondness for putting himself through elaborate exposure sequences is evidence of this, as well as the filtered audio of the film’s filming. mission impossible 7 Where he can be heard scolding some technical staff for breaking the pandemic protocol. His dedication is ultimate. We know little about his personal life other than his passion for flying planes and helicopters or his closeness to the Church of Scientology, but not much else. But we know all about his delivery and dedication towards work.

For example, Jake Johnson (how i met your motherworked with them Mother (2017) and said in a podcast of the daily beast in 2017 (via online, what “He’s an intense man” Which requires complete surrender of each partner. ,As a filmmaker, he wants to entertain the audience, and if you don’t care about that, it will drive you crazy.” Told. ,Because he is in it to entertain an audience and he is willing to put himself in danger to do so., Over the years, many of his peers have admired his commitment and work ethic. Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and director Christopher McQuarrie tell me about the premiere Impossible Goal; And the likes of Jay Ellis are said to be working with Tom Cruise on a sequel. top Gun It acted as a school for him to learn about complete dedication to filmmaking. ,He used to do it every day on set.” assured to insider,

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even his own tom cruise He proudly professes his professional devotion, assuring that he has never taken a single day off. ,It’s a day off for me because I’m not shooting, They told fiddle during a promotion day Top Gun: Maverick, ,I am resting now. I don’t have a day off. Look, I’m lucky. I’ve spent my life on film sets and traveling the world, which is what I’ve always wanted to do. So it’s not work, I’m living the dream.” (Via at,

Therefore, Emily Blunt broke down in tears in a bulky suit during filming already underway, I guess the actress didn’t yet know who she was working with. And even more so given that it was her first production of this magnitude, involving intense action scenes and with a role that could finally break the continuing stereotype of being a young woman in Hollywood cinema. What she went through could happen to anyone. I can imagine the situation that this is one of those moments at work or study where you feel overwhelmed by a task that at first glance seems impossible. However, it seems clear to me that she wasn’t going to get sympathy or comfort from someone like Tom Cruise, but rather some kind of encouragement to help her move forward. Straight to the point like that sentence.

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