Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel urges brands to stop working with Kanye West

Top entertainment industry talent agent Ari Emanuel is calling on businesses to stop working with rapper Ye, better known as Kanye West, over his anti-remarks on social media.

Endeavor CEO Emanuel said in an op-ed to the Financial Times that fashion and entertainment brands that have collaborated with Ye on fashion lines and other projects need to “speak up and take action” against the music artist.

these were Locked out of Twitter and Instagram After saying that he was going to “death con 3 on the Jewish people.”

Some companies have already severed ties with Ye and their Yeezy apparel brand. French fashion house Balenciaga said on Friday that she would no longer work on projects with West, reports Women’s Wear Daily.

A Balenciaga spokesperson told Women’s Wear Daily, “Balenciaga no longer has any ties to or plans for future projects involving this artist.”

This week, the Anti-Defamation League called adidas To terminate the athletic wear company’s business relationship with Ye. The advocacy group said it was “surprised and concerned that Adidas – a brand that supports inclusion and diversity – continues to not only support this product line, but to release new products even though He continues to harbor hateful anti-Semitic views.”

Teaming up with West in 2016, Adidas called it “the most important partnership ever between an athletic brand and a nonathlete” at the time.

the west chose Gap. Finish sharing your shoes and clothing with Last month, his lawyer spoke about Gap’s non-fulfillment of contractual obligations.

“misguided hate”

For his part, Emanuel expressed concern about the messaging companies’ ongoing business relationship with Ye that sends his large fan base.

Emanuel wrote, “West is not just someone – he is a pop culture icon with millions of fans around the world. And among them are young people whose ideas are still forming.” He also accused Ye’s business partners of “giving their misguided hatred to the audience”.

This, formerly known as Kanye West, is based on the conservative-leaning social media site Parler. agree to buy


Emanuel said, “There should be no tolerance anywhere for the anti-Semitism of the West. This is a moment in history where the stakes are high and it is necessary to be open about our values ​​and live them. Silence and inaction are not an option.” Is.”

After being suspended by Instagram and Twitter, Ye struck a deal Buy the Right-Leaning Social Network Parlor,

“In a world where conservative views are considered controversial, we have to ensure that we have the right to express ourselves freely,” Ye said in a statement this week after the acquisition was announced.

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