Erica Beanfil reveals that a celebrity dumped her in a marriage proposal

  • Erica Buenafil while talking about her love life revealed that a celebrity stood her up at their engagement ceremony.
  • Oscar Athi is a singer and songwriter from Acapulco, with whom Erica Buenafil romanced for 11 years.

Erica Beanfil love wasn’t the best experiences, together was one of the most painful Oscar Athi, With which he planned to come to the altar. However, the musician did not arrive at an appointment in which he would formalize and date their marriage bond.

According to the statement of the actress, this event was organized in acapulco And her entire family had gathered to witness the moment she had most dreamed of as a woman.

,he left me in motion… They left me with my whole family waiting in Acapulco, we agreed that we were going to get engaged there, but it never came,” he revealed in his participation in the “Fassy Nights” event.

As expected, this whole situation greatly disappointed the so-called “Queen of TikTok”, so it not only ended with the singer, but also very sad for her to go to Acapulco: “I had to be in a soap opera recorded there. was done and what has been done record my scenes and go to the hotel,

It should be remembered that, in an interview, Yuri reveals that in that romance, she was the third in discord, However, upon learning that Athie was going to be engaged to Beaufil, she decided to end their relationship: “We were little girls, I was with Oscar Athie, and he was with me. I found out that they Were busy and engaged. I got angry and I told him: ‘I don’t want anything with you anymore’, confessed the interpreter of Maldita Primavera.

Erica Buenafil talks about Oscar Ethie

In time, Erica overcame the bad experience and gave a new chance to Pyaar, who was having an affair. luis miguelowith whom she shared “the best sex* fantasies”, and who helped her fall in love with Acapulco again.

,Luis Miguel was very romantic, Our meetings were as if we were in a video clip. They brought me to their house with candles, rose petals, glass of wine in hand and golf carts on board,” he explained.

Erica Beanfil remembers when her boyfriend didn't get a proposal

But, who is Oscar Athi?
his full name is Oscar Eduardo Athi Furlong and was born in Acapulco, Guerrero. He is a singer who became known for the famous contest ‘La Voz’ in 19981, which was organized by a national media outlet at the time, and was sponsored by. Veronica Castro.

after slingshot into the world of performance With songs such as ‘Photography’, ‘I want to fill myself with you’ and ‘Forgive me’, he won various awards and recognitions. In addition, they collaborated on the authorship of the subjects together. Alex Sintec, Omar Alfano, Lorena Tassinari, among others.

in present, 64-year-old musician He is away from the recording studio and the spotlight, however, he continues to compose and in 2010 he was honored by Mexican writers and musicians for his 25-year career.

Oscar Athi, the celebrity who raised Erica Buenfila

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