Erik del Castillo confesses the whole truth about his health condition

Eric del Castillo.

The beloved and respected actor, Eric del Castillo, would have had an episode that he would not have borne to go out and clarify. And it is that what began to be speculated on the social networks of Kate del Castillo’s father would have an alleged slip in which he would not have recognized his daughter, leading to the suspicion that he was possibly wrong in the head.

Despite the actor’s advanced age, it reinforced the theory that he was suffering from an illness in which it would not allow him to clear; However, it seems that everything may have been a misunderstanding.

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Erik del Castillo clarified everything and would scoff at those who said he was sick

According to what the artist himself has expressed, it is not due to some illness in the head that the artist does not recognize his heiress; Rather, it would have been inspired by vision, as the artist would currently be undergoing a visual complication that would not allow him to distinguish very close ones.

This is how Eric would have expressed himself in front of Televisa, who see those who believe him to be mentally ill. In fact, he would have been so troubled by what was said about him, that he may have even indicated that he was fed up with being “killed all the time”.

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