ESA launches Marstimer: the first clock to display Earth and Mars times and the first to face space travel

The European Space Agency (ESA) has teamed up with Swiss watch brand Omega to launch a watch that tells the time on Earth and Mars. This curious instrument called ‘Marstimer’ has been developed with the help of the agency’s Mars exploration teams and can withstand the conditions of MarsAs verified in the ESTEC facilities of ESA (Netherlands).

This isn’t the first time Omega has collaborated with a space agency to outfit its astronauts with space resistant watches. really, NASA’s Gemini and Apollo Astronauts on the Moon and are still used on the International Space Station (ISS). However, this is the first time that a clock marks the time of the Red Planet.

The idea came about when ESA scientists decided that the rover Rosalid Franklin (to be sent to Mars) It had to be equipped with a watch for certain specific functions. With this concept in mind, the organization approached Omega and emerged Marstimer, whose patents are held by the ESA.

Effects of DART on asteroid captured with telescope.

According to a statement from the agency, the watch has been tested “And several prototypes were successfully evaluated of watches at ESA ESTEC. For this reason, on the case of Marstimer you can read “Tested and qualified” next to the logo of the European Space Agency.

A day on Mars is 39 minutes longer than on Earth and this difference can be seen in Marstimer. In addition, it has a solar compass to know where north is on our planet and on the surface of Mars. However, it costs more: 7.100 Euro.

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