Ester Exposito and the 6 bikinis with which she steals looks and sighs on social networks

are followers of Dhanna paola In Mexico they knew very well his work in the Netflix series”the elite“, the one in which he met the actress ester purpose who brought the character to life Carla Rosen Calruega And with this he won the hearts of millions of viewers. Besides being a professional in front of the cameras, she is a model of unparalleled beauty, a fact that has given her millions of followers on social networks.

Being a well-known personality who enjoys the honey of youth, since she is 22 years old, it is natural that she is very active in her virtual accounts. It is in these places that he shares some parts of his personal and professional life. In the same way, he shows his holiday trips, where it is noted that he rests in the best places and has a wonderful time. One of the natural settings he likes are the ocean and the beach.

Ester Exposito is 22 years old (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

In what sense, ester purpose showed off her slim, but beautiful figure in a bathing suit and bikini Flirtatious and it doesn’t go anywhere unnoticed. He has a following of over 28.5 million on Instagram followers They always thank you for the snapshots you post from the sand or pool; All kinds of conventional and avalanche flattery “Likes“Submerge each one of these.

Ester Exposito was born in Madrid on January 26, 2000 (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

Esther Expósito and the bikini that stole the sigh

at the age of 22, ester purpose She’s become one of the most important actresses of our time, so it’s only natural that everyone wants to know about her. a few days ago the manager angel expósito, who is his uncle, interviewed him. In it, she assured that “Elite” changed her life not only professionally, but also personally.

Ester Exposito is a lover of the beach and the sea (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)
Ester Exposito became successful after participating in “Elite” (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

your current project is VenusOf which he has shared something on his Instagram, and in the future (2023) he has to record a film in the Spanish capital: “In January I start recording my next film madridAn allegory about terror, with a brilliant director and a script by one of the best screenwriters in Spain”, he explained.

Esther Exposito He was born on 26 January 2000 in Madrid. Although she was interested in show business from a very young age, she was able to take related courses by the age of 16. Among her crop of successes, she has won the Madrid Theater Awards in the Best Actress category in 2013 and 2015 for her role in the micro-theatre Woman en Red. The first time she appeared on the small screen was with her participation in the series “Vis a Vis” in 2016.

Ester Exposito has 28.6 million followers on Instagram (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)
Ester Exposito will appear in the production of “Venus” (Photo: IG @ester_exposito)

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