Eugenio Derbez couldn’t be less jerk than his son and Victoria Ruffo with a smile

Eugenio Derbez and Jose Eduardo with Victoria Ruffo

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Eugenio Derbez is one of the most popular actors in the entertainment world in Mexico and his various characters have been iconic for more than one reason. Despite this, at times he ends up talking more about his life outside the cameras and even more about his past love.

One of them was what he did with actress Victoria Ruffo. There were many complications in their relationship, but everything turned bad when they parted ways after their son: Jose Eduardo Derbez.

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A gesture of love for Victoria Ruffo by Eugenio Derbez that ended in failure

What will Victoria Ruffo do for Eugenio Derbez after the accident?

Whatever happened created an obvious resentment between the two, which Ruffo had brushed off, but now it will sparkle again.

And it all happened because of less trauma to Jose Eduardo’s own father

“He’s doing well, he’s doing well, if yesterday he told me when we were sitting at the table and he told me they asked him. And I tell him no, don’t say anything, really, I think he’s going to tell me about the fake marriage on his deathbed,” Derbez’s son said, apparently as a joke, but making it clear that he “will disappear” from the biography. Eugenio’s episode which commented on his mother.

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