Europe Spends Nearly 400,000 Euros On Its Own Metaverse… And Hardly Anyone Goes To Its Opening Party

The European Commission hosted a one-night party last Tuesday at the Global Gateway Metaverse Create a Shared Digital Space and reflect on global problems.

As reported by journalist Vincent Chadwick the Department of Foreign Aid spent around 400.00 Euros on the development of the virtual world, but unfortunately, only six people attended To celebrate a party designed to attract young people aged 18 to 35 without any kind of political commitment.

Chadwick tweeted that “after what appeared to be an initial flurry of conversation with five or so other humans, I was left on my own.” basically, The purpose of the European Commission failed Because it did not attract the attention of youth to raise awareness about what the European Union (EU) does on the world stage.

Gizmodo agreed to the party and claimed that Camera controls are “clunky”The view cannot be changed with the keyboard, the arrow keys control the avatar’s movement, it can only be flown when the user presses the letter F, and the characters “appear to be temporary human props”.

The media outlet states that the EU displayed graphic text with the words “climate”, “education”, “public health”, “digitalisation”, scholarship Erasmus Mundus and Global Health Funding. “There is an attempt to overturn the European Union less than stellar overall experienceTo be fair,” he concluded.

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