European Parliament approves universal USB-C charger for mobile phones, tablets and cameras in 2024

The European Parliament today approved rules that would oblige manufacturers Phones, tablets and cameras Use a universal charger by 2024. The brand that would have to adapt to this measure would be Apple, which hadn’t made the switch until now. USB Type-C PortAs did the rest of the technology firms.

The law that has already been approved is a revision of the Directive on Radioelectric Equipment that had been under consideration for some time. With this change, European organizations intend to reduce 11,000 tons of electronic waste is produced on earth every year.

Apple had repeatedly defended its decision to continue with non-USB Type-C chargers that other companies had adapted. However, EU member states continued with their intentions and, in the end, it seems thatApple brand will have to follow new rules If you want to stay in the European market.

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