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Europe’s brand-new Iron Drape

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Europe’s new Iron Drape

Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine raises the concern: could Vladimir Putin assault Nato’s eastern flank? The alliance is substantially increasing its supports all along this “New Iron Drape”.

The New Statesman’s writer-at-large Jeremy Cliffe has been reporting from Estonia, where the UK has increased its military presence. He speaks with Emily Tamkin in Washington DC as well as Ido Vock in Berlin about the development of Nato since the end of the Cold War and exactly how it has actually changed given that the Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden supplied a speech in Warsaw on Saturday (26 March) to guarantee Ukrainians as well as Nato of his continued dedication. The team review whether it marks a permanent shift in Washington’s diplomacy program or if interest will return one more time to China.

After that in You Ask United States, a listener asks if the presence of Syrian competitors in Ukraine as well as the potential presence of Belarusian soldiers changes the equilibrium with regards to foreign intervention in the war.

Further analysis:

Emily Tamkin on Joe Biden’s ad-lib and also the limit of words.

Jeremy Cliffe on the new Iron Drape.

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