Eurydia confesses that a famous actor physically assaulted her because she didn’t want to dove

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Some artists maintain constant communication with their fans through social networks, as they usually use their spaces to promote their work, but who always do. Surprise with curious facts about his daily life Or with stories that had never been told before. The latter happened with Euridia, which acknowledged during the dynamism of questions and answers that a long time ago An actor attacked her because she didn’t want to take a pigeon In a private event where he attended as a guest.

interpreter of what is painfriends no please You What’s in your heart? Some questions answered in their stories instagram Related to your personal and professional life. One of his followers asked him about this what if someone at a party invites him to sing without warning And to the surprise of many, she admitted that she would have no problems, but remembered a terrifying experience.

After months of waiting, Euridia and Angela Aguilar finally surprised us "what is pain",  (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)
After months of waiting, Euridia and Angela Aguilar finally surprised with “What an Agony”. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

All this happened after the success that he had won in the fourth generation Academy, singing reality where he came in second against Erasmo Caterino. According to his story, he attended an event with his other former colleagues, without thinking that everything would end in a physical attack against him for “bad drink”.

“There were a lot of academics and a lot of people. Among those was an actor whose name I won’t name, but apparently he really liked to be quiet and he was quite drunk, to be honest; He was so attached to me, that he liked my way of singing and I don’t know what“, started.

I drink alcohol regularly and it makes me want to sing, I sing, but then the truth is I paid for not talking, it made me a lot cringe [vergüenza] Present.

The artist, whose identity is unknown, insisted that Eurydia sang her greatest hits, angel, because undoubtedly it was a song that marked the beginning of his solo career. However, she didn’t want to as she was facing personal problems at that time because, as she has mentioned on previous occasions, she had to go through a lot while being on the reality show. TV Aztec

Some users of the social network checked Google about the identity of the actor and found that it could be Rodrigo Cachero.  (tiktok capture)
Some users of the social network checked Google about the identity of the actor and found that it could be Rodrigo Cachero. (tiktok capture)

“This actor was massively intoxicated and linked to the fact that I had to sing and I had to sing. There were other people singing, there was a microphone and other people were having a great time, they were all singing But the guy held on and went very aggressively and snatched the microphone from whoever was singing at the time, I don’t remember who it was, and he gave it to me,” she said.

The Hermosillo native recalled that what happened to him at the time was to try to divert attention with a joke, so he pretended he didn’t know the song, which resulted in an attack, as the actor threw off a jacket. was his.

(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflower)
(Photo: Instagram/@yuritaflower)

,He stopped me in the middle of the room and sat down and was being completely captivated by how drunk he was, I was in the middle of the room, and everyone turned to see what was going on because the truth is that if we were getting a lot of attention, especially him because he was grumbling, yelling and pulling me, He gave me the microphone and told me to sing”, he continued.

“I started singing a little bit and said: ‘The truth is I don’t know’ and it was angelI was glued to her singing angel, Voto got sick when I joked that he didn’t know, he cut himself too hard, He grabbed his jacket and threw it hard at me, he broke my muzzle, my teeth, he hit me with a zip,

The driver took part in the fourth generation "Academy",  (Capture: @cynoficial/Instagram)
The host took part in the fourth generation of “La Accademia”. (Capture: @cynoficial/Instagram)

After that, he left the place, but not before insulting the singer: “He practically started screaming, saying that I deserved pure class, etc. I guess when the jacket was thrown at me, the puttaz* was heard, everyone did [sonido de impresión],

Eurydia said that after what happened, the actor apologized, but feared that at some point he would go through a similar situation. Also he said that The only one who defended her was Cynthia Rodriguez,

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