Every day a village in India is disconnected from the internet and technology so that its residents can talk to each other

It is 7 o’clock in the evening and a village in Vadgaon (Sangli, India) sounds an alarm for its residents to turn off televisions and their smartphones and talk to each other. Later Half an hour of digital disconnection (and actual connection)The siren sounds again for people to turn the devices back on.

Village council president Vijay Mohite told BBC Hindi that he took this decision at a meeting on 14 August on the eve of India’s Independence Day: “We need to stop this addiction.”

Although this measure tried to unify the village, it was difficult for all residents to agree to such an hour and a half of detoxification. According to the village council, the first few times the alarm rang, Some villagers had to beg others To turn off your TV and cell phone.

Months later, everyone seems to welcome this innovation. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), has also told BBC Hindi that “it may be of some benefit to switch off the television and telephone for a while”.

“Covid-19 has made people prioritize online activities,” he says. According to the professional, problematic use of the Internet can cause, “Psychological stress” and harm to teens in many aspects of your life. For those reasons, a slight disconnect from the Indian village can be useful for people to avoid social gatherings, family interactions or non-digital events.

The lead authors of the study were surprised that there was hardly any such research.

One of the villagers who has seen the change is sugarcane farmer Dilip Mohite, who has three school children. As he remarks, He “didn’t focus on his studies at first” And now they can have “normal conversation” in the family.

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