Everyone wishes it had Spanish NASA: 20 municipalities apply to host new space agency

The headquarters of the new Spanish space agency is not yet known where it will be located and a decision is very close. After the government introduces the requirements that they will take into account to choose the locality in which the operations center will be built, they have submitted Twenty candidates from 10 autonomous communities:

  • huelva You Seville (Andalusia): If there is more than one candidate in an autonomous community and the board supports more of Seville, for which it has more ballots, the government should have “a preferential option”.
  • Teruel (Aragon): He complained that the requirements closed opportunities for less populated areas, but he stood firm with his candidacy.
  • elche (Valencian Community): It has two relevant companies in the region at the European level: Emxys and PLD Space.
  • gran canarian palms: They offer 5 different locations, but the main option is a building located in the Ciudad Jardin neighborhood in the island’s capital.
  • pocket You field cabanilla, in Guadalajara; puertollano You real city (Castilla La Mancha)
  • cebrerosin Avila, leon You Palencia (Castilla y León): Cebreros houses the space facilities of NASA and ESA.
  • san javier (Murcia): It has a different aeronautical history.
  • Hospitalet de Llobregat (Catalonia)
  • three songs You robaldo de chavela (Madrid): Known for its good air and land communication.
  • The Basque Country also submits a candidacy.

the government wants to allocate Around 4.5 billion euros by 2025 To conduct research and innovation in the aeronautics and space market, this is why the Spanish Space Agency promises to be a vital agency in the country. For this money to be invested, the new science and technology legislation provided in the Strategic Project for Aerospace Economic Reform and Transformation must first be approved.

Although the municipality where the headquarters will be made has not been selected, but it is expected that it will become operational. in the first quarter of 2023. The decision now falls in the hands of the Advisory Commission for the Ministry of Regional Policy, headed by Isabel Rodriguez, which may include areas that have not been submitted before sending their proposal to the Council of Ministers.

Features of Prepa Headquarters

The Spanish Space Agency’s headquarters will be about 3,000 square meters and should be well connected by public means of transport. Above all, they will positively value that it is concerned with high speed trains and this is less than an hour from the international airportWith direct flights to Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Rome and Prague.

Preference will also be given to candidates who have a hotel environment and who stand for “dynamic” business, academic and university sectors. Nevertheless, the choice of venue will take into account that regional “opportunities” arise.

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