Everything is ready for the death of the famous actress of Files Cinema.

Files Movies It was a very popular genre because, despite criticism, it included manyAnatics who liked Look at those beautiful actresses who haveYou talent and beauty, is one of them maribel fernandezbetter known as “la palangocha“, which thanks to his charisma was placed in the taste of the masses, so now he worries them because he said that he was ready for his death.

The actress was born on March 9, 1953 in Mexico City. At the age of 18, he made his debut with the film in the cinema of the so-called wrestlers.The Justice Champions“, starring blue DemonMila Mascaras, Elsa Cárdenas and David Silva, however, it was in 1972 When he rose to fame by participating in an episode of “El Chavo Del 8” Pati’s aunt is playing the character of “Gloria”. From that moment on, she gained other roles, most notably in erotic comedies, which consolidated her in the entertainment industry.

“La Pelangocha” is ready for her death

The comedian and actress, now 69 years old, has several heart problems that have undermined her health and triggered strikes, leading to her. However, the star that stood out Files Movies You TV serialindicated that due to this situation ready for his deathBecause he assured that everything is in order to go on peacefully.

The actress consolidates her career in File Cinema Photo: Exclusive

“Whatever step you take, since when You leave this life to start another, I don’t know what happens. No one came to tell what was happening. i’ve left everything alone Everything is calm, everything is fixed. I owe nothing to anyone; I’ve packed my bags behind the door,” the actress said in a meeting with the press a few weeks ago, after she was admitted to the hospital for an emergency in July.

Actress who is also remembered for her role as “Martha Hurtado” in the telenovela.most beautiful uglyHave had a few heart attacks, the most recent was in 2019. “La Pelangocha” told that his pacemakerHas prevented him from having a massive heart attack: I have had a heart attack three times.Last year around this time they gave me two […] And I just had a pacemaker inserted five weeks ago, the cardiologist told me that I didn’t have a major heart attack thanks to a pacemaker”, he explained in an interview for “First Hand”.

In 2021, Maribel Fernandez’s death was reported on social networks, However, the actress denied this and clarified that she had to undergo cardiac catheterization, Which he assured that good result has come. Celebrities are also diagnosed bradycardiaDdrop in heart rate, tachycardia and increased heart rate.

Maribel Fernandez continues to work despite heart problems. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Despite her health problems, the artist continues to work, in fact she was in the play “Mature, single and desperate”with the first actresses Luz Maria Aguilar and Norma Lazareno, As well as Arturo Carmona and Barbara Torres. “La Pelangocha” could not take place on the day of the premiere, as she was hospitalized on that date due to her failure to perform. tricuspid valve, Responsible for the correct pumping of blood.

Maribel Fernández took part in several Ciné de Ficheros films such as “La Concierge Ardente”, “El Thief of the Neighborhood”, “El día de los Albaniles” and “Two Lucky Truckers”, to mention some of her on-screen appearances. Great for, while on television he was in “Two Houses”, “Part Them Until Death”, “Cheater Women” and “Something, Some Fleas”.

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