Everything Musk has announced this weekend: This is how the new Twitter will be

Little by little. by drip but always with the point of discovering scams, this is how tycoon happens Elon Musk He’s been revealing his plans for Twitter since buying the platform on October 27, on a judge-set deadline to conduct the operation if he doesn’t want to go to trial.

Let’s see the same movement as last minute buying The philosophy that the billionaire is going to implement Feather red social,

Besides that, as always, Musk told this news in a tweet, Traditional channels are not for him and he wants to show that he is a staunch defender Freedom of expression, Over the course of this weekend, the new owner of the social network dropped two relevant innovations through his account—yes: without going into details or specifying the dates—: a function that enables long-form text sharing and the platform’s internals. Allows improvements in search engines.

,Twitter will soon add the ability to attach long format text to Tweets, putting an end to the absurdity of Notepad screenshots,” Musk wrote. There was fear of an avalanche of questions after his sentence was released. The employer has clarified that the solution Could be “something like” the Twitter Notes service,

The announcement didn’t come alone: ​​It was accompanied by another particularly interesting message for content writers. The company plans to work on ways to promote monetization of its creations and thus the new option for long text sharing will follow.”Producer monetization for all forms of content”, advanced Musk, who also said that Will provide new details in two weeks,

other thing, Musk pointed to another innovation in relation to the platform’s search engine microblogging, a service of which he has admitted he is not very proud. “Searching within Twitter reminds me of InfoSeek from ’98! That too will get a lot better soon,” he tweeted without going into much detail. The only thing that has been clarified is that this reform is “high priority”,

acquisition of Twitter by Musk a. has led A cascade of results at both the enterprise and platform level, Its earlier movements include staff cuts and several changes that have created a stir among users.

Recall that Musk launched a poll in 2017 to revive the short video platform Vine, which was shut down in 2017—a poll that ended with nearly 5 million votes, 70% of them in favor—and it is rumored that the businessman Will consider charging for video content in such a way that the creator of the video and the platform will share the profit.

In addition, the new head of Twitter has increased the premium membership of the platform, called Blue, to $8. The price hike hasn’t been the only controversy surrounding this product: From now on, those who want a verified account—the famous blue badge—will have to pay for the Twitter Blue service., Some 420,000 accounts currently have this verification.

Thus, with this new verification system, the entire previous process for which documents proving identity had to be submitted Internethas been removed. ie: now it will be enough to pay to have a verified account,

Similarly, it has warned that accounts with false names “simulate another identity, without specifying that they are ‘parody'”. will be permanently suspended,

Judging by the rumors that the paid service was already active for some users, Esther Crawford, the social network’s chief product officer, said on Saturday what “New Blue not yet available– Our release continues to accelerate, but some may see us updating as we test and push changes in real time. “The New Blue… Coming Soon!” He added.

The company has advanced that everything that’s to come in the new Blue is always there. On payment of $7.99 per monthYou’ll get fewer ads but the ability to upload higher quality, longer videos – now allows a max of 2:20 – and prioritize your content over other non-paying accounts.

Private Messages to Celebrities (Paid)

The new owner of Twitter has also proposed a version of the social network in which users can Direct messages to celebrities for “a few bucks” Per message sent, as reported by The New York Times.

These messages will cost “a few dollars” and a portion of the amount collected by the messages will go to the platform itself and the rest to the famous user or public figure. The ceremony has to be approved by the profile of the public personalitywho will be bound to respond to such messages.

“free speech absolutist”

musk wants Turning social networks into “the world’s most secure source of information”, The Billionaire Believes It’s His “Mission” And he believes the accuracy of the information being circulated on Twitter makes it the most reliable source “by far.”

He often declares himself a “free speech absolutist”. And as an example he said this Sunday that he didn’t intend to block The account of a user who tracks the speed of his private plane—with 492,400 followers— Even when that poses a “direct risk to personal safety”.

After calling himself the CEO of the platform and defining himself as the ‘Chief Tweet’ in his profile, Now Musk defines himself as a ‘Twitter complaints hotline operator’ In the face of constant questions, pleas and pleas from users, many of them were very dissatisfied with the changes that the tycoon has introduced since buying the company.

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