Everything that Letizia sacrificed to become Queen of Spain

Being a part of royalty can seem like a fairy tale. When Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano Became the wife of King Felipe IV, she had to sacrifice many of the important things in her life that she had built in order to become queen, adhering to the strict rules of royalty.

Becoming Queen of Spain in 2003 cost her to leave behind her promising professional career as a journalist, her emotional stability and, most important to her: her independence., Joy She decided to leave her past life behind to serve Spain, but the queens are in high demand. Since she was young, her biggest dream was a television news program, so she became a journalist.

quit journalism

Having studied Informatics at Complutense University in Madrid, queen letizia He received a master’s degree in audiovisual journalism and with a scholarship he traveled to Mexico for six months at the age of 24 to pursue his doctorate at the University of Guadalajara. From the age of 18, he had already collaborated with the EFE agency.

In his professional career, he also worked for Bloomberg TV and CNN Plus, and in 2000 he moved to Espaola television, where he covered news such as the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and the war in Iraq, and also completed. Dream up by hosting your morning newscast.

his career was on the rise Won the Lera Award from the Spanish Press Association for Best Journalist under the age of 30, However, the dream he so pursued soon came to an end, as his commitment in November 2003 Felipe IV And he had to leave his profession.

lost his voice

against all the odds, Letizia managed to create a loving family, joint. Furthermore, her will and determination, as well as her professional studies, allowed her to claim the role of the king’s wife with a touch of female empowerment, leaving behind the discrepancy of seeing a woman dressed in a subordinate role. .

The process of adaptation was a great metamorphosis for the Spanish royal family, as she lost her voice, being a smiling television star, Because at least during the first three years after her marriage, she was forced to be Felipe’s only companion. in public events.

She was ambitious, capable professional, accustomed to pursuing excellence, cultured, with norms and great self-esteem, suddenly became a shadow of her husband, King Felipe IV.

Journalist Mabel Galaz, who has followed Letizia for nearly two decades, assures in her book “Letizia Real” that “change has not been easy at all and I think there are a lot of journalists among them, for example in their work.” way to do it.”

,When he arrived in Jarzuela he broke Queen Sophia’s protocol, which was more about greetings, Meeting people… more than PR. She holds work meetings where she questions everything. In that sense it is very heavy. The profession of journalist transferred him to his work as a member of the royal family,” he said.

Although the Queen currently has a busy work schedule and also uses her clothing to express sympathy for a cause or send an important message, the truth is that “It was pacified and controlled by the king’s house”,

your emotional stability

Letizia changed her job nearly two decades ago to take on a role that lacked direction. Learning has not been easy. Unlike her husband, she is impatient, passionate, spontaneous and tough as nails. You have to convince him to win him over and it’s not always easy.

She projects freshness and closeness because, not coming from the royal family, her mediocrity was marked by work and daily effort, as she struggled, traveling by public transport, going to university with the pressure of the labor market. knew the troubles of He went through his parents’ separation and divorce, but his life was also marked by professional victories.

After joining the Spanish royal family, Letizia faced more pressure than expected, Which ended up lowering her self-esteem and a wave of longstanding rumors that she was suffering from anorexia and depression, following several public appearances in which she wore excessively skinny.

Although it is well known that Letizia likes to maintain a healthy life and is also a lover of exercise, five years ago, she set off the alarm for her health status as she started losing weight, so much so that her Bones were more noticeable every time..

a lot has been said About Queen Letizia’s alleged anorexia, About her possible eating disorders or a daily routine that makes her eat too much, but her thinness reached alarming limits, like the time she wore an unflattering back to the 2015 Woman Magazine Awards show.

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