Exathlon: This is the relationship between Evelyn Guizarro and this celebrity athlete.

Xathlon Mexico Reinforcement is becoming more and more interesting and to give more excitement to it the biggest competition in history has come. yamileth escarsaga She is one of those athletes proving what she is made of and it is likely that she will become one of the rivals to beat the celebrity team.

Program November 8, 2022 | Part 1 | Sport for Xathlon Advantage.

escarga She has surprised not only by his great abilities, but also by the bond he has with her. Evelyn Guizarro, The ex-athlete of the most sought after sports reality show in history, as it may make her even taller, it may also make her one of the legends.

much has been speculated aboutSharpshooter‘ You Yamileth Escarcega, The truth is that the only thing that unites them both is their discipline, as they are both javelin throwers, this can help the athlete stand out. evelyn those days.

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Who is Yamileth Escarsaga?

yamileth escarsaga is a 24-year-old javelin thrower who is currently focused solely on Xathlon Mexico Where you want to write your name in gold letters and become one of the legends.

yamileth To cover a vacant gap reached the most demanding competition in history and since joining the team Famous She has shown good skill through her discipline, so she can be the next opponent to beat.

What happened to Evelyn Pebble?

our dear’Sharpshooter‘ has been one of the most outstanding athletes in the history of exatalon, crowned himself as one of the most talented blue athletes; However, she continues to keep her projects away from the limelight and there is no denying that she may return to the beaches at some point Dominican Republic.

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