Exatlón México: That’s the blue athlete who coached Stephanie Solis.

Xathlon Mexico He started off with a pounding drum and, although he wasn’t finished yesterday, athletes know they have to give everything in each circuit because an oversight could knock them out of the most demanding competition in history. know about it Stephanie Solis, who returned to the beaches Dominican Republic Couldn’t cross last season in search of revenge.

The contenders face each other at Villa 360 in Exatlón México.

As we mentioned earlier, yesterday there was news that left all the athletes speechless, antonio rozic, the highest authority reported that the four lowest returnees would have to play the playoffs. The two best will be saved and the two worst will be set in elimination duel Next week, hence why no one went out last night.

Next week there will be two athletes going face-to-face manuelwho was unable to continue due to injury and Pato Gonzalez.

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Why wasn’t he removed tonight in Exatlón?

Who is the blue athlete who coached Stephanie Solis?

Stephanie Solis Back Xathlon Mexico She has also been voted as one of the strongest athletes to show off what she is made of Famous Thanks to his hard preparation, in which an old acquaintance of the biggest competition in history was present.

For this version, Stephanie Solis She prepared hard and came back as an expert as she wants to be the next champion Xathlon Mexico After the bad taste in the mouth last season.

for months solis She was training to improve her physical condition and show why she was one of the people selected for the most recent season; It is surprising, however, that an athlete from the Blue team was in charge of training him and preparing him for the most recent edition.

Osiris Escobedo He offered to train her to return to sporting reality with the equipment she needed to play a great role. The Blue Team Athlete Affected Physically and Mentally So solis He will come back stronger than before and come with a better chance of winning.

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