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EXPLAINER: What are the current clues in China’s plane collision?

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Add rainfall to the difficulties dealing with Chinese investigators as they attempt to establish why a jetliner with 132 people aboard crashed in remote hills

The search was briefly suspended due to a downpour.The Boeing 737-800

was flying at 29,000 feet (8,800 meters)when it nosedived Monday right into a void in the mountains outside the southern city of Wuzhou.WHAT HAVE RESCUERS FOUND?The recorder, either”black

boxes “aboard the aircraft, was found

with damages to both its exterior case as well as the videotaping system inside. It will certainly now be sent to Beijing for translating as well as analysis, with the rate of that process depending on the amount of damage to the unit.The cockpit recorder captures conversation in the cabin as well as various other sounds. The various other records information regarding

speed, altitude, instructions up or down, pilot actions and also performance of crucial systems. The search is currently concentrated on the 2nd box.Rescuers with sniffer pets and also drones likewise located wallets, identity cards and also debris.Authorities provided no indicator they located survivors.Debris is scattered over a large area that includes the other side of the hill, state broadcaster CCTV claimed. The primary accident area, currently a barren pit in the

forested mountainside, has to do with half the size of a football field.Searchers need to climb steep slopes in the area, which is surrounded on 3 sides by hills and reached by a dirt road.WHAT ARE detectives SAYING?Investigators have decreased to discuss possible factors for the crash.Damage to the airplane was extreme, which makes the investigation”extremely challenging,”said Zhu Tao, supervisor of CAAC’s Workplace of Aviation Security.”We can not have a clear analysis of the cause of the accident with the information currently offered,”Zhu said Tuesday at an information conference.Authorities are”lugging out comprehensive investigation”of the aircraft’s design as well as upkeep, air traffic control service, climate and also other problems, he said.WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT THE PLANE?The 6 1/2 -year-old plane’s “technological condition was stable “and met requirements to fly, claimed Sunlight Shiying, the chairman of the Yunnan provincial branch of China Eastern Airlines.The aircraft was flying from Kunming, the funding of Yunnan province in the southwest, to Guangzhou in the southeast.The 737-800 has an excellent security

document, claimed Hassan Shahidi, president of the Trip Security Foundation. It is from an earlier generation of the 737 series than the Boeing 737 Max jets, which were based after accidents in 2018 and 2019. The 737-800 does not have the flight control software application that was condemned for the 737 Max crashes.HOW HAS THE CHINESE federal government RESPONDED?The central federal government sent a team led by Vice Premier Liu He as well as an elderly Cabinet official, State Councilor Wang Yong, to the site to “lead rescue job”and the examination of the crash.Published at Wed, 23 Mar 2022 10:49:49 -0400



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