Eye-catching ear (stick) comes, nothing second transparent headphones

In 2021, Nothing at all Lit your first device, the flashy and attractive headphones ear (1), Last summer he made his debut in slope smart fone with more suggestive phones (1) and now the British brand kicks off its 2022 with its third product, the Headphones, the Ear (Stick), A proposal that implements a concept different from the previous one in that it continues with the distinctive feature of transparent design.

The beauty line created by Nothing, a company in its early stages and in the process of building out its ecosystem, believes that users can see inside, In the case of headphones, inside the rod, (1) Transparency is already visible in the ear charging caseturning into ear (stick) For him cylindrical factor and to be inspired, as its name indicates, by cosmetic bar,

If ear (1) was adjusted to the profile of the earphones with silicone tips, the ear (stick) they change style By shaping a rigid head that doesn’t compromise on comfort. in-year medium format, they actually sit in the canal making it less intrusive. With them, nothing wants to offer a different option. come out For sale on 4 November in 40 countries including Spain for 119 euros,

Los auriculars nothing year (stick)
Los auriculars nothing year (stick)
(Nothing at all)

Each earphone weighs 4.4 grams. ear (stick) characteristic of something drivers Custom 12.6mm (Providing responsive, deep bass, clear treble, and deep detail for whatever they pick up on); for technology Bass Lock, UN software that detects and corrects bass loss derived from the in-year mean design); and for technology Clear Voice, Your Choice for Noise Cancellation,

With their unique case in the middle, they offer up to 29 hours of autonomy, On their own, the headphones deliver up to seven hours of playback. Also, ten minutes of charging gives an additional two hours.

If you have a Nothing phone (1), you have direct access to most settings after the mandatory pairing And configuration without resorting to an app. with other android mobile or ios system, ok nothing x app,

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