Facebook, Amazon and Google forced to comply with European Parliament’s new ‘tech’ laws

The European Union passed two landmark bills to rein in the power of big tech companies. Want ‘Digital Market Law’ and ‘Digital Services Law’ Improving user privacy and prohibiting the use of targeted advertising and deceptive practices.

digital services law

digital service law Focused on platforms from Google, Amazon and Facebook.

These three tech giants need to be more proactive in content moderation Users will also learn how and why the algorithm recommends certain information, in order to prevent the sale of illegal products.

Companies cannot use sensitive personal data to display ads or manipulate page layout, These obligations work on a sliding scale, so larger companies will have higher obligations.

Platforms with more than 45 million monthly users will be subject to independent audits to ensure they are avoiding fake news and illegal content., Furthermore, they have to present their algorithms and data to study the effects and potential harm they can cause.

digital market law

On the other hand, the Digital Markets Law Prevents major forums from abusing their scale and powerLike Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Seeks to offer better interoperability with smaller rival services, Guaranteed that files can be sent between systems. A big exception is for the App Store, as developers have the right to approach their customers without the consideration of the platform owner.

How important are they?

The European Union has attached great importance to the two projects, similarly, If platforms break the rules, you can be fined up to 10 percent of your worldwide turnover for the previous year, If companies default continuously, then this figure will reach 20 percent of the global business.

The Digital Services Law will come into force on January 1, 2024, while the Digital Markets Law will come into force soon after.

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