Facebook will remove sexuality, religion, address and politics from your profile on December 1st

On December 1, Facebook will remove information related to religion, political opinions, addresses and sexual preferences from user profiles. the reason? After various privacy issues and false data, The application decides to remove them so that internet users have a new vision of the platform,

Matt Navara (Social Network Consultant) shared the message he received from Meta on his Twitter profile, where he indicates that “Sending notifications to people who fill in these fields, informing them that they would be removed. This change does not affect anyone’s ability to share such information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook.”

After this Facebook had to remove categories related to caste, region and sexual orientation Violation of Right to Housing Act, application Allowed advertisers to use their systems to use demographic data to personalize advertising, even discriminating against certain users.

Information related to location and web browsing history may still be used, however, may reveal confidential information, On the other hand, Facebook is working on optimizing a platform that is full of rarely used features and cluttered interface as users are leaving the platform.

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