Facing the mirror, Maria Chacon raises the temperature by snapping a picture of herself with fitted leather pants

María Chacón, Mexican actress and singer, often revolutionizes social network with your publications; This time it’s a. is captured on Instagram after sharing a series of images using pants It highlights your curves perfectly. The artist, who appeared in television commercials in 2000 and later “Fama Code”, has stood out this year for her work in “How to Survive Single” and “Cabo”.

maria chacono He is extremely popular on social networks, especially on Instagram where he has 1.3 million followers and often shares his outfits, which always set trends, as he has done with himself in this case. pants fitted leather. The actress has participated in various soap operas and television series, in which she played the lead role in “Allegriz y Rebujos”, where she played Sofia Dominguez “Chofis”.

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