Fake prizes, web fraud or fake tickets: scams that try to scam you with the World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 Qatar World Cup will be held from 20 November to 18 December. It is the most anticipated event in the field of sports, but as has happened on other occasions, cyber criminals take advantage of these events to conduct scams and cyberattacks.

ESET (cyber security company) hints in a press release sent to the media that the main fraud could happen during the World Cup celebration, in which ‘bad guys’ will steal personal data, financial information and passwords.

for starters, the culprit make victims believe they have won prize money or tickets to watch a gameHowever, the real intent is to get them your money, personal data or to download unknowingly malware to infect the device.

there also scams of phishing that dupe users into believing they have won a lottery prizeAnd in order to collect it, some fields are required to be filled through a form which actually steals data and money.

Fake Rewards.

They also 'give' to idols.

Cyber ​​criminals also use phishing Fake websites that replace legitimate websitesor self-distribute malicious links via email spamFake profiles on social networks or discussion forums.

For example, the page shown below pretends to be the official website of the World Cup in Qatar, mimicking the actual URL. ESET notes that “cyber criminals go to the trouble of creating payment gateways for people to buy their tickets, and once personal data is provided, it can be quickly misused or sold to other scammers.”

fake website.
fake website.

Softech has signed a deal with Real Madrid, but its technology is applicable to other sporting entities as well.

On the other hand, ESET says that “several people have already reported that they have been contacted by FIFA officials who offered tickets for sale”, noting the World Cup in Qatar is digital-only tickets and The only way to resell or buy tickets is through the official FIFA ticket resale platform.

fake form.
fake form.

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