Family pleads for help in finding 14-year-old Chloe Campbell, missing for 9 days

Colorado family pleads for 14-year-old Chloe Campbell’s return


Jessica Knapp and David Campbell say their daughter Chloe Campbell is the light of their world.

“She has a really good sense of humor and is full of life,” says her mom, Jessica, Told Michael Abeta of CBS Colorado,

This is a light that has been missing for over a week.

14-year-old Chloe Campbell missing.

boulder police department

They say that on September 30, Chloe went to school for a Boulder High School football game. They say she was probably seen on the Boulder Creek Trail shortly after running drunk, but that’s not all.

Chloe’s father David said, “Witnesses described her as living with two men. Old man. Too old to be in high school. One of whom was Asian and the other was bearded.”

As soon as she did not return home, her parents began looking for her, flying around town. Eight days later, Boulder police joined the effort, asking the community to help locate him.

David says that neither he, nor Jessica, nor Chloe’s friends have had any confirmation with him this entire time.


CBS Colorado

“The communications we have received through third parties that Chloe claims to be from originated from a Snapchat handle that we are not familiar with,” David said. “It could be anyone.”

The only proof that Chloe is still alive is an ominous picture from an unknown source that doesn’t exactly put their mind to rest.

“She looked injured and unwell,” said David, describing the photo

They fear that he may be caught against his will or even smuggled to another state. But no matter where he is, they say that they will do everything possible to bring him back.

“Chloe, honey… we love you so much. You’re not in trouble,” said her mother. “If you can come home, please do and if you can’t, we won’t stop until we find you.”

boulder police department

Another difficult task that Chloe’s parents and police are dealing with is the rumors and misinformation being spread.

They heard that she was found, or was living with family in Arizona and didn’t want to come home or even that she was dead.

They say none of this is true and to get real information from them you can go to and, if you have any information that might help bring Chloe home, they Urges you to call the Boulder Police Department.

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