Famous mountain lion captured, attacks another after killing dog running in Hollywood Hills

Southland’s famous mountain lion, P-22, to be caught after apparent attacks on two dogs

Southland’s famous mountain lion, P-22, to be caught after apparent attacks on two dogs


Southern California’s most famous mountain lion, P-22, will be captured and health-tested after killing a dog he was walking in the Hollywood Hills, wildlife officials said Thursday.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife said in an announcement with the National Park Service, “P-22 is a remarkably old cat in the wild and may be exhibiting signs of distress after being believed to be responsible for killing a pet last month.” ” ,

Following the investigation, officials will “determine the next best steps for the animal while prioritizing the safety of surrounding communities,” the agencies said in a joint statement. He did not indicate what might happen to the cougar.

Wildlife Crossing Southern California
A November 2014 file photo provided by the US National Park Service shows a mountain lion named P-22, photographed in the Griffith Park area near Los Angeles.

National Park Service, via AP

P-22 wears a tracking collar as part of a Parks Service study and has been known by Southern Californians to travel across two freeways to reach their romping grounds, which are surrounded by urban areas. The big cat is regularly recorded on security cameras strolling through residential neighborhoods near Griffith Park, a sprawling forest and picnic area.

P-22 is believed to be about 12 years old, making it the oldest Southern California cougar currently being studied. Most mountain lions live for about a decade.

“This is an unprecedented situation in which a mountain lion has continued to survive in such an urban setting. As P-22 has aged, however, the challenges associated with living on an island of habitat have been increasing and scientific Noting recently there has been a change in his behaviour,” the state wildlife department said.

The P-22 usually hunts deer and coyotes, but last month, the National Park Service confirmed that the cougar attacked and killed a chihuahua mix that was walking the narrow streets of the Hollywood Hills.

The P-22 is also suspected of attacking another Chihuahua in the Silver Lake neighborhood last Sunday. Owner Rene Astorga told KABC-TV that he punched and kicked until the cougar released the dog, which needed stitches.

“It was the fight-or-flight instinct at the time,” he told the station. “I started punching or kicking—never let go of the leash until I felt it loosen. I picked up my dog ​​and ran inside the house.”

Known as the “Hollywood Cat”, P-22 has been the face of the NPS’s lion-tracking effort, CBS Los Angeles reports, His exploits have been documented in various media accounts, most notably some of his more notable feats – crossing a pair of freeways, hiding under a Los Feliz house in a standoff that attracted widespread media attention, and here Until a suspect was named in the murder. Of a koala at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Beth Pratt, California regional executive director of the National Wildlife Federation, said she is confident that state and federal wildlife authorities will make the right decision about the lion after a health assessment.

“The P-22 has given us so much,” Pratt said in a statement. “He is an adorable wild mountain lion who survived against all odds, and his plight of being trapped in Griffith Park after making a perilous journey across two of the nation’s busiest freeways showed the world just how important our roadways are to mountain lions.” Can be harmful and all wildlife. He captured the imagination of people around the world, and his story inspired the creation of the world’s largest urban wildlife crossing outside Los Angeles to protect other area mountain lions from a similar fate. Don’t have to face


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