Fans React to Disney’s First Plus-Size Heroine in the Animated Short “Reflect”

Disney debuts its first plus-size female protagonist in a short film on Disney+. “Reflect” follows a young ballet dancer named Bianca who struggles with her body image.

The film began streaming on the platform on September 14, and is part of the studio Short Circuit Experimental Film Series, The film has received praise from social media users for encouraging body positivity.

“Recommend for anyone who struggles with the image they see in the mirror,” wrote one user. “So, everyone. But it’s especially so for those of us who society shies away from having a body that doesn’t match the perceived ‘perfect’ image.”

In an introduction shown before the film, “Reflect” director Hilary Bradfield said that the idea behind the short began when he first started thinking about his body philosophy.

“I think I’m a very positive person in theory, but when it’s on a personal level, it’s very hard to be body positive,” Bradfield said.

In the film, Bianca is seen practicing ballet in front of a mirror. As she reflects, the mirror image breaks down, and the animation dampens her confidence. Eventually, however, he is able to use his ballet skills to overcome his negative emotions.

Another Twitter user wrote, “I just saw reflection on Disney+ and it portrays body positivity and exactly how I felt as a kid.”

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