Farewell message written by Alejandro Iriarte, the youngest son of Maxine Woodside, before her death

Nano was born in 1967, following his mother’s marriage to Fernando Iriarte, which lasted only four years. (Instagram photo: @maxwoodside // Facebook photo: Nano Irritt Woodside)

during the afternoon of last Thursday, November 10 Alejandro Iriarte’s unfortunate death confirmeddear driver’s youngest son maxine woodside, The cause of her death is yet to be ascertained, but according to information shared by entertainment journalist Ana María Alvarado on her YouTube program, would have lost his life at the age of 55 due to a heart attack,

The news shocked the national artistic environment as the presenter has earned over the course of his career with programs such as for all women Which is on air for 33 years. But amidst condolences, a controversial message went viral. nano – As his fans used to call him – he wrote in his account Facebook A few hours before his death, because it was a farewell.

The journalist's youngest son was Alejandro Iriarte, who died at the age of 55 (Photo: Instagram)
The journalist’s youngest son was Alejandro Iriarte, who died at the age of 55 (Photo: Instagram)

I thank you very much for showing your affection to all of you for so many years. Due to force majeure I will close all my social networks. It’s been an incredible adventure, but everything has an end and It’s up to me to say goodbye today. Thank you thank you very much!!

At the time, he caused controversy among his followers and although many questioned him about the truth behind his decision, he did not wish to delve into it, so it is unknown what prompted him to leave. would have done. Hours later, the way he said goodbye to social networks coincident with his departure, attracted attention.,

(Facebook capture: Nano Irritt Woodside)
(Facebook capture: Nano Irritt Woodside)

As expected, his post was filled with condolence, as no one imagined that a heart attack would kill him minutes later: “My prayers, rest in peace, Nano.” “My dear Nano, I hug you like a big brother and send lots of lights that keep illuminating your path. We will miss you on this plane.” ,I will never forget your words, you supported me after I was kidnapped,

Maxine Woodside has not commented on the matter and was temporarily absent from her radio program. for all women Where, this Friday, November 11, Ana María Alvarado confirmed the irreparable loss and stated that There will be no funeral services at the request of the family, Hence any show of solidarity for the presenter. will be received in the offices of formula group.

(Instagram photo: @maxiwoodside)
(Instagram photo: @maxiwoodside)

Similarly, the entertainment journalist reminded nano With great respect, as he assured that he was always very kind to his mother’s colleagues.

Meanwhile, Maxine Woodside’s latest Instagram post was flooded with condolences, messages of support, and tokens of love. This post pertains to a photographic series taken by the journalist during a recent visit to Emilio’s home. the Indian Fernandez in the framework of death day,

“Dear Maxine There are no words or comfort at this time!! Just asking God to fill you with peace, acceptance and strength in the face of such a great loss!! We hug you firmly!” they wrote. mariana ceone,

Adrian Louvier He added: “Maxine I have no words for the situation you are going through. I hug you with much affection, hope life will give you the strength and peace you need. very sorry. @maxwoodside. ,

You Cecilia Galliano He wrote: “My dear Maxine I embrace your heart in the face of this pain and I pray to give you the strength you need.”

Nano is survived by his son Ander, the fruit of his marriage to his ex-wife Elena Rodriguez.  (Photo Facebook: Nano Irritt Woodside)
Nano is survived by his son Ander, the fruit of his marriage to his ex-wife Elena Rodriguez. (Photo Facebook: Nano Irritt Woodside)

Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legerta did the same during the broadcast of the Hoy program, while other journalists such as Joaquin Lopez-Dorigas You blond flower They joined in mourning on Twitter.

“I am deeply sorry for the death of Alejandro Iriart Woodside, The son of my dear partner and friend of many years Maxime Woodside, My dear, I embrace you with pain and regret. There can be no greater pain than losing a child. May Alejandro rest in peace”, wrote Doriga.

“I deeply regret the loss of your dear son. We stand with you in your pain dear @maxwoodside RIP Nano”, commented a colleague happy come,

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