Federica Quijano undergoes an emergency operation and issues a recommendation: “Don’t be angry!”

  • The same singer explained the problems she presented with and he immediately took her to the operating room.
  • He also had to undergo emergency surgery in 2021 due to damage to the esophagus.
  • A few days back he had written a touching message about expressing feelings.

singer Federica Quijano This Wednesday got his followers worried after he posted some videos from a hospital bed and caught the attention of a nurse. According to what she herself said, she came for one problem, and at this time another appeared, which forced her to enter the operating room.

In a video on his Instagram stories, the Kaba member gave more details about what was happening with his health. “This is the last stage. The truth is that at first they were ulcers, but then what do you think? No, not always, they were ulcers, but in addition to the gall bladder”he said in the first part of the message.

consequently, Federica Quijano He had to go into the operating room to have the poem removed and when he left he had an important recommendation for his fans. “I feel better already. Here we go, here we go. Don’t be daring, I don’t recommend them. Take care of yourself, take care of your little body, when I tell you to ‘stop’, stop,” the singer said.

In two more posts, the famous 51-year-old told Instagram users that she had already left the hospital to go home. He also showed a bit of his journey in a car, which was not easy at all because, as he said, potholes hurt the wound in Mexico City. “Hello, beautiful family. I’m going out, almost reaching my home, every pothole in the city gives me … I get patatas. Here we go, going already,” he commented .

eventually, Federica Quijano He appreciated the concern of his fans. He said in one last recording, “Thank you for all your affection, messages of love… I have no words, thank you all for caring and giving so much attention to me and my family members.” ,

Federica went through a similar issue in Jan 2021

Kaba member left the hospital this Wednesday

It seems that these health problems were a few days ago, as the singer published a touching message, which speaks about expressing feelings. “If you feel you’ve tried everything you can and you didn’t give up till the end and it still didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, then let it go, nothing will! If you stay with that feeling You can’t move forward.” Don’t stop, cry it out, get it out and move on. Trust me, in the end you’re the only one going to hurt you.”

A few days ago, the singer spoke about the feelings in an Instagram post

Although not much information has been given about what happened with it. federica, The truth is that it is not the first time that the singer is going to the emergency operating room, since in January 2021 she was operated on for problems in the esophagus. On that date, she herself reported that everything had gone well, and she was also operated on by one of her cousins ​​in a hospital south of Mexico City.

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