Felix Greco, choreographer and artistic director passed away

Mexico ,

The news of his death came on Wednesday. Felix GrecoRemembered choreographers and artistic directors who participated Projects like Timbiriche or the ‘Dancing for a Dream’ programAt the age of 71.

Félix Greco was a dancer and teacher who gained popularity in both Mexico and the United States, working in both countries on famous projects.

According to televisa showa company where he worked on various projects, The cause was cardiac arrest this Wednesday at 7:20 pm, The dancer had fainted a few days ago and had to be admitted to the hospital in an emergency, where He could not recover and passed away.

Choreographer, Artistic Director and Acting Teacher was born on December 1, 1951 in Puerto Rico And he began his career at a young age in New York, where he would appear in some of the prestigious world productions of Broadway, with works such as ‘Cats’ or ‘Astral Express’.

Later, In the 80s, he arrived in Mexico with ‘A Chorus Line’, but he later went on to put choreography in groups such as the youth band Remembered Strawberries with Timbiriche or Cream; But after becoming a judge in the dance show, his image became famous, where Yaadyaan Hi was successful. ‘Dancing for a Dream’, also worked in Different Latin American projects on television such as ‘My Dream is to Dance’ TV star,

Months ago, Felix Greco was still active. Through his social network he offered his services in the arts, management and Too As an artistic producer. Just like that, Taught at Felix Greco Performing Arts InstituteHer school in the Lomas de la Águilas neighborhood in CdMx, where she taught acting, dance and music courses.



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