Ferka and her desperation call on respecting her personal life for the betterment of her son

Christian Estrada and María Fernanda Queiroz, better known as Ferca, met in 2020 when they attended reality warrior (Photo: Adrian Monroe / Medios y Media / Getty Images).

Relationship between actress and model María Fernanda Queiroz, better known as Ferca, and Christian Estradas She has never been without controversy, but her recent separation has given rise to endless speculations that it will be the one who caused the breakup, as stated by the driver and his relatives.

In September, the model also revealed that Ferca and she had split shortly after their son’s baptism, when a magazine announced that the couple had problems “due to strong personal differences.” The actress, on the other hand, preferred to remain silent or refrain from making any comments despite the harassment from the media.

But recently due to rumors of an alleged fight, Ferka has broken her silence by making a desperate call. Stop looking for the “good” or “bad” in your breakup, because the media “are not the right examples to address issues that pertain only to my personal life.”

Christian Estrada, 33, and Ferca, 36, coincided in the recording of Warrior’s Another relationship began in 2020 which ended on bad terms during the show’s summer airing. They reconciled weeks later, and in February 2021 the couple announced they were expecting their first child, who was born in August of that year.

The couple’s life with their son was going from strength to strength and they had already talked about marriage. But last September, the magazine tv note He published that they had been separated for a few days.

Kristian at first did not make a statement about this, but at first he sparked speculation by deleting all photos with the actress, and then only published the contents of his professional activities, as well as coexistence with his child. published. For her part, Ferka said at the time that she was not ready to talk until now.

Again, tv note He is now contacted by a “friend” of Estrada, who reveals aspects of the coexistence between the two, tarnishing the actress’s image.

Minutes after the uproar on the social network, Ferca issued a statement in which he said that the separation with Christian Estrada is something private and legal.

“In no way will I lend myself to any provocation, as I firmly believe that I will give my son a happy life without scandals and without any kind of disqualification. Let me broadcast my personal life never needed to sell information, to compromise with some means, both as an excuse and as currency the most sacred thing I have in life, which is my son,” he added. Said in the text on the Instagram account.

In the same document, she also disclosed possible abuse because of her status as a woman. “We live in a reality where women must fight every day to be strong, face adversity, fulfill their obligations, work for their loved ones (…). Women, we remember Must keep that under no circumstances anything and no one should attack them.For their values, their integrity, their intelligence, their courage and their self-esteem, there are many of us who strive to become better human beings every day. fight and there are more of us who strive for those we love to gain strength from the heart and love”.

His words made more sense during the interview conducted by him in the program barge where he said he initiated a legal process to determine who would have custody of his son and indicated that he may have faced emotional violence.

I didn’t know how to set limits on time, I didn’t. I was never going to allow them to violate me physically, verbally or emotionally and that’s when I said I loved myself very much, not anymore. Although I loved this person so much because I chose him as the father of my son, but in the end I had to set boundaries because I love myself, but I got confused, I decided to stop done because there is emotional violencespin

After what Ferka said, it is clear that the couple’s estrangement will be a process that reaches to legal matters.

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