Fernando Colunga steals from Arturo Penic twice

Arthur Peniche and Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga is one of the most beloved actors of all time, so is Arturo Penic, who started his career as a heartthrob many years before Fernando Colunga was even Thalia’s first heartthrob, Let’s remember that Thalia starred alongside him. Maria Mercedes, the first broadcast of Maria Mercedes’ trilogy.

Thalía Maria would then partner Fernando Colunga at La del Barrio and award Colunga the title of best kisser at Cristina’s show, where she said she kissed better than Arturo Peniche; Same thing that was approved by actress Gabriella Spanik, who shared the screen with both leading men.

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But the second time he stole something from her was in the soap opera Alborada, where the story indicated that Arturo was married to the character played by Lucero, who is tricked by her mother-in-law into sleeping with the character. Go. Fernando Colunga.

Fernando Colunga and Lucero starred in Alborada

And at the end of the story Colunga and Lucero become more happy together, meaning they stole his wife’s love. Both actors have mentioned that they had a very good relationship during the recording, as both are very professional and like to leave everything on stage.

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