Ferrari cyberattacked and 7GB of personal information stolen

Italian luxury automaker Ferrari yesterday confirmed a ransomware attack in which 7 gigabytes of data has been stolen. group of cyber criminals ‘Ransomex’, Known for its RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) attacks, has claimed a crime.

In the statement, Ferrari assured that the attack had not disrupted its activity and that there were no breaches in its systems. However, it was reported that among the stolen data were Repair manuals, technical sheets and personal and/or sensitive documents for the company.

Some users suspect that Ferrari deal with Velaso There could have been another incentive to draw the attention of cybercriminals to the creation of NFTs (fungible tokens).

This cyber attack is not the first that Ferrari has been involved in. Everest Hacker Group in December 2021 Speroni Company attackedThe luxury car is closely separating the company, as it is the one that supplies the parts to the brand.

As Speroni remarked at the time, the attack involved the theft of 900GB dataMany more have been stolen from Ferrari.

The third-party website was from GoDaddy and copied the Office 365 login interface.

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