Fey and the 3 bikinis with which she sighs from the beach and melts nets

Perhaps the current generations have heard how well parties were accompanied by ’90s songs. Then, now Chavorukos moved the skeleton to the rhythms of “Media Naranja”, “Muvello” and “Azucar Amargo”. dying, one of the biggest exponents of pop in Mexico and several Latin American countries. For this reason, the singer is part of the “90s Pop Tour” that has been so successful; It is scheduled to arrive on November 12th, will be presented at the Yucatan Xmatkuil Fair’s Show Center.

, born in the name of Maria Fernanda Blazquez Gilo, a native of Mexico City has always loved the world of entertainment, as her parents are artists. In this case, he found his true passion in singing and struggled until reaching his goal, and although he faced some rejections in his pursuit of fame, he decided to release his first recorded material under the title “Fay” in 1995. Succeeded in.

The freshness and power of her voice gave generations the perfect excuse to sing and dance at parties, in addition to setting the fashion in those years, because by the time she appeared on radio and television, the girls of that time were already ” Donuts”. Wrist hair, plaid shirt, wide jeans, platform and patent leather shoes, overalls, navel and even plaid pants. In short, they all wanted to be like her, the girl of the moment and without the need for social networks.

Fey falls in love with her bikini, she’s still a favorite

As if he had made a pact with Satan or had found the fountain of eternal youth, dying He shows his fun through his social networks. Anyone who dives into your Instagram account will realize that it looks fabulous, as if it’s frozen over time. In the same way, he takes advantage of the figure that he takes so much care of in the gym and offers a variety of healthy diets. organizations Which has made its audience crazy.


Within the world of clothing that she boasts of in her virtual spaces, the singer also flaunts her stunning bikinis whose designs are always colourful, sensual and flirty. The ideal setting to show off your stomach of steel is the beach and what better way to jump in for anyone who enjoys Mexico.


They have also taken the opportunity to dominate activities that many may overlook, such as surfing, a passion he did not know and practices whenever he can. In this sense, he invited his followers to give themselves life so that they could enjoy it to the fullest. a dying It can be enjoyed on all music platforms and stands out as its rhythm never goes out of style.


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