Fictures Cinema: the son of a beloved actor from Chavo del 8 who had a tragic end

Jose Luis Padilla, better known as Raul “Choforo” Padilla He began his career on stage from a very young age, as his parents Raul Padilla and Lily Inclon were part of the cast of Carpa Tayta. Her first role was as Nino Dios at the age of 22 days.

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son of a beloved actor

their father Raul Padilla gained much recognition and affection from the public with his role as jamito the postman For her part, in the prestigious program “El Chavo del 8”, her mother Lily gained recognition for the soap opera.

El Choforo had a long career on television, where he stood out comic rolesBut he spent his time on soap operas like “dreams and candy,amy, the girl with the blue bag,Hooray for the kids!,Angel Face“y”rebellious spirit,

He also had successful participation in comedy television series such as “La Escuelita VIP”, “XHDRBZ” and “La Familia P. Luche”. Among other aspects he did as an actor was file movieswhere he shared credits with figures such as Carmen Salinas, Rafael Inclon and Luis de Alba in tapes such as “cartoon,thousand uses,pulcheria strikes again,roulette wheel,Mason’s Day IV“y”Mexican mechanic“, to name a few.

Photo: Exclusive

Sad end for El Choforo

The comedian passed away while he was in the process of recording the soap opera “what a beautiful love“, created by Salvador Mejia at the age of 72, a fulminant infarction While he was undergoing hemodialysis.

His death was mourned on social networks with messages of affection for him and his family, as shared by Hector Suárez Gomis on his Twitter account: “This is how I will always remember Raul Padilla ‘Choforo’ Rest In Peace,” the comedian also wrote.

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