Filtered unpublished photo of Gerard Pique with Clara Chia Marty in Kosmos before his RUPTURE with Shakira

news about vary of Shakira Thief Gerard Piqué continues to give a lot to talk about, because a few months after the announcement, the footballer has already started a new romance Clara Chia Martis23-year-old who works with the player within the company moldy And, moreover, it has also shown that even when they work together, they are still very happy, because they have sorted One unpublished photo About the couple interacting in the said company.

Much has been speculated about the reasons for this. vary in the middle Shakira You Gerard PiquéBut the theory that stands out is that there is a possible infidelity on the part of the footballer to his new partner. Clara Chia Martis With which he has shown love deeply, as he does not care what they will say and through gestures of affection has exposed his great love for the young lady.

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