Find out who Kate Middleton’s millionaire ex-boyfriend is and what everyone else does

Prince William And Kate Middleton met at the University of San Andres in the United Kingdom in 2001, while they were both studying, however, the love between them would arise years later. Although Prince William couldn’t help but gaze at her beauty middleton when they saw the parade cat On a catwalk with a dress with transparency in front of Royal Family The British, at first they were very good friends.

In 2003, Prince William and Kate Middleton They started meeting each other and courting each other; The problem was that he had to be as intelligent as possible because all the media was interested in any possible mates of Lady Di’s children. over the years it has been discovered that possibly, thanks to the influence of Royal FamilyThey arranged to change their rooms at the university in order to be able to be together, as it was almost impossible to go out to enjoy dates like any other couple.

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