First reactions to ‘Halloween Ends’ divide fans

“Halloween: The Final Night” already impressed fans for the first time and they are quite divided. We proceed to gather opinion with much spoiler. If you are looking forward to seeing this result then refrain.

Corey (Rohan Campbell) is an unlucky babysitter who accidentally kills a customer’s obnoxious son. A Halloween night, being the target of social and family ridicule. The cycle of trauma is completed when he meets Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), a 44-year-old survivor of the Michael Myers massacre (James Jude Courtney). Surely he never thought that this little help would push him into the jaws of evil. This is the plot of Halloween: The Final Night.

As difficult as it sounds, it is. the director David Gordon Green keeps us four years later Halloween kills. Haddenfield does not record Myers’ crimes, whose evil spirit revives him the moment he meets Corey and they both embark on a path of revenge on a world that has hurt them so much. In Michael’s case, he won’t rest until Laurie is in hell. as you can see, There are two plots in a movie And, judging by the opinion, it has divided fans of the John Carpenter franchise.

We will ignore what ordinary critics say. Rotten Tomatoes that collect because we already know they hate horror and DC; All Marvel and Disney are wonderful for them. We entered one hundred percent dedicated forums to talk about carpenters, Halloween You The Shape, with fans who have gone to weddings, engagements, graduations or even celebrations with their deadpan boogeyman masks. They are ideal targets.

,This is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. it’s an insult to usHalloween fans. You were disappointed!” says Michael L. Watson in the famous “Halloween Fans” Facebook group, which has half a million followers in Strauss. Better than Andes,” said Jason Brim. They’re angry about one thing in particular: Cory’s presence.

Many people hated Corey’s character.

Everyone hated Campbell’s character. As we uncovered yesterday, it is unrealistic and unimaginable that a man like him would eliminate the two victims, remove the mighty Michael, and steal his mask. Even worse, hit together as if it were a collaboration. He is not Michael. He doesn’t want anyone. “It’s like they’re friends sitting in tubs waiting on bikes to kill someone at night. As if they were Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy (Se.) sponge bob,James Lisa said.

That’s where most of the comments go. Everyone imagined that “The Final Night”, according to Rae, would be a straight, bloody and brutal conflict between our Final Girl and her. Boogie Man, but no, Corey blew it. Others liked half as much. “aThe price is a bit different, but not what we expected. is one of the worstKeegan Walker said. “Nonsense.” “Waste.” “Give my money back.” There is a tremendous witch burning on the forums.

The last 15 minutes of the film are excellent.

There are also those who hedge the risk: “I loved him. I couldn’t get enough of Michael but it was good for me”, “Did he really believe that at the age of 70, Michael would have a lot of strength? He is tired and hurt. He’s a man full of evil”, “She’s not the best, but she has interesting moments like collaborating with Corey”, etc. Many credit Corey with one theory: Michael passed an evil spirit on him. The moment he looked into her eyes and lost his strength.

Personally, this writer didn’t like how the movie sold. Like many people, I expected a fierce fight between Laurie and Michael. I expected Michael to be wiped out, but it would cause a lot of physical and emotional pain for his nanny, As far as Corey is concerned, he had to be a character with development and not forced to steal the animosity we all crave for. you do justice Meanwhile, Cinemax and Cinépolis have put it up on their billboards.

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