Five creative uses for ChatGPT

ChatGPT provides instant and accurate answers to users’ questions, moreover, its algorithms are able to understand with high accuracy what Internet users are asking.

This artificial intelligence (AI) is very popular on the internet and is overtaking established search engines, but did you know it has other uses?

1) tell jokes

ChatGPT users laugh at its potential bot To tell jokes, sometimes because they’re really funny and sometimes because they’re really bad. Too, can you explain the jokes After he said

2) prepare the diet

chatgpt Create a detailed weight loss plan Along with food and exercise recommendations. First, users need to answer questions to get the correct number of calories, and then the AI ​​calculates nutritional needs.

3) Brainstorming

The daily job of the Twitter account @aifunhouse is to provide tips and tutorials on how to use generative AI, but sometimes it takes extra effort to pay the bills. The team turned to ChatGPT and said that the technology Provided a five-step plan for starting a business online Which included recommendations for the sale of websites and services.

4) Write Movie Script

Several Twitter users have put ChatGPT to the test for writing movie scripts. artificial intelligence Create scary, romantic or sports content, Giving free rein to your imagination might turn out to be a blockbuster, who knows.

5) Give orders to other AI

ChatGPT’s arrival comes just after Dall-E 2, and many stakeholders are making use of the technology Instruct other AI from text to image,

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