Five tech tools to save on your electricity bill this fall

An increase in electricity prices has been seen in many homes. Many Spanish families have resorted to tricks to save as much as possible to meet their needs, however, an increase in bills is something that can hardly be avoided.

At 20BITS, we’ve made a number of suggestions: from unplugging some appliances to installing photovoltaic panels to avoid phantom consumption. Today we will talk about devices that can Help you manage the electricity you spend at home.

electric meter

Thanks to these products, users can find out how much each device connected to the electrical network consumes. That way, you can take the guesswork out of it and avoid spending more than necessary on energy.

An affordable option with a good rating on Amazon is the Gifort brand which costs 30.99 euros. This device has a screen that shows different information: the CO₂ emissionsThe PowerThe energyThe voltageThe stream And this energy cost,

smart power strip

By using smart power strips, families can Program devices to turn on and off of your home that stays connected without doing it manually. The Unsmart brand has several options: one of them for 12.99 euros.

this product is in Three plugs and three USB ports And each can be given a name to set up with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Appliances, especially older ones, may exceed the permissible decibel limit.

motion sensor lamp

No one else forgets when it comes to turning off the lights and no more lighting when it’s not necessary. Motion sensor lamps or light bulbs They burn only when someone comes near and walks by.

An alternative is the Kombuh ceiling lamp which costs 21.99 euros. The device detects a range of 5 to 9 meters at a 120 degree angle. If there is no motion, the light turns off automatically after 30 seconds.

smart thermostats

this device people Remotely adjust your home temperature in winter And without the need to do it manually. Users can link smart thermostats to mobiles and program them so that no unnecessary mistakes are made. There are various prices, but one of the most valuable is the one from Tado which costs 84.99 euros and is compatible with various voice assistants and can be used with an app.

Users can control their systems with a remote, an app, or even voice commands.

led bulb

Lighting through LEDs consumes less energy than ‘normal’ ones. In addition, there are some that can be controlled with voice assistants, that they have the possibility change color hey Modify the amount of light they emit. For 30 euros, you can buy four smart LED bulbs compatible with Alexa, Echo and Google Home from the ANTELA brand.

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