Flip vs. Fold: The battle within Samsung, the king of folding smartphones

many thought that flip phone They will one day be the flower, a curious and very expensive ‘gadget’ that will eventually disappear. However, although its implementation has not taken place on a large scale and it is still rare and even surprising to see someone coming out of a pocket or bag, its sales increase year after year and Samsung, the undisputed king of the segmentAlready in the fourth generation of some ‘smartphones’ which may be very close to reaching maturity.

The Korean manufacturer has two models: the flip And this folding, One that folds up to hide more comfortably in your pocket and one that unfoldsGun Shot‘ More comfortable to carry anywhere. Both models share many of their successes and drawbacks. They are phones that match any high-end technical specifications and are no longer so expensive: The Flip can be found for €850 and the Fold for £1,500.

The New iPhones Are Even More Expensive and They Don’t Bending, Also, unlike Apple’s phones, Samsung’s Galaxy family sees its price drop over time and patient users will be able to find them for a few hundred euros less in a few months.

The Fold 4 is also similar to its predecessor, with a nearly 8-inch screen that fits in your pocket.

a better fold

With the passing of generations, The hinge that allows them to fold is improving, with a more comfortable and uniform path and hiding its presence when the screen is fully exposed, although it is still there. We must also not forget that no matter how well they are built, any mechanical part tends to deteriorate over time.

It may take a year, five or fifty, but at some point the problem will arise. Or the folding panel will start showing flaws.

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Samsung conducts continuous testing with millions of folds, ensuring it has higher resistance with each generation of foldables. In their favor, folding screens are protected from falls most of the time, but if they break due to carelessness or simple use, it is very expensive to repair, Make the user seriously consider whether it is worth replacing the phone directly for a new one.

some changes

Flip is a phone to show and fold mobile to enjoy. little baby becomes with his fold A fashion accessory and lets the phone sit on the table A perfect position for making video calls, taking photos or enjoying multimedia content when it’s half off.

It costs around 355 euros.

The big guy has a fully usable screen outsideBut it really is a delight when it is opened in all its splendor with the selfie camera hidden under the panel and with hardly any limits: gaming, working, browsing… everything on the big screen of exceptional quality is a pleasure.

The fourth generation does not include great innovations, Samsung has limited itself to improving the power, cameras and battery of both devices to turn two good quality smartphones into phones, which we can put a few problems on.

will be one of them Battery, which greatly improves its life (especially in the Flip) but is Really fast charge is not included, staying at only 25W. Also, they don’t include the charger in the box, something that many people in such expensive terminals won’t understand.

The compass is renewed

A good mobile phone needs good companions who fulfill its qualities and Samsung has renewed both its range of watches and its Pro headphones.

New galaxy watch 5 pro, It is Samsung’s most complete and durable ‘smartwatch’, but also the most expensive.

It is made with sapphire crystal and titanium case and has a About 600 mAh battery that lasts for several days on the end.

In addition, they have also included fast charging and retained the qualities of previous generations such as the full Google operating system which provides complete control of information and access to dozens of ‘apps’.

it is also capable measure body composition and tracks up to 90 exercises.

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