‘Flippy 2’: A robot that makes fries, wings and onion rings better than humans

French fries go with almost any dish, although peeling, chopping, and frying them can be an unexpected process. Some people buy an air fryer, others decide to leave that food out more than once because they don’t have to cook it… Now, the American company Miso Robotics has another solution, though it’s probably for restaurants. More ready homes.

It is a robotic arm capable of cooking as a chef. And he doesn’t just make fries. flippy 2Which is the name of the invention, can also make onion rings, chicken wings or any type of food for which deep fryer is used.

This is not the first ‘Flippy’ developed by Miso Robotics, previously they had already presented another which was designed to make hamburgers. As with Flippy 2 and its predecessor, The brand can complement the entire menu of a fast food establishment. Without the need for a human cook.

flippy 2

The idea to create Flippy 2 came about when Miso Robotics realized that the area in a fast food kitchen that generates the most ‘jam’ is not in the hamburger area, as one might expect, but in the fryer.

For this to work, the device must receive a command about what they want it to fry, Take the product out of the freezer and pour the prescribed amount into the fryer. The Flippy 2 Fry lets you fry food for just the right amount of time, without leaving the wings or rings raw or burnt.

It's been almost a year since no more news about the project came out.

Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics, believes his proposal won’t steal someone’s jobBut it will save cooks from taking on difficult tasks and focus on more detailed tasks.

“He’s frying potatoes faster, more accurate, more reliable, and happier than most humans,” Bell said in an interview.

Currently, Flippy 2 is on the premises of three US fast food chains: Jack in the Box in San Diego, white palace in the Middle West and caliburger on the West Coast. However, there are other establishments that use their products, such as feathers and ringsN Kentucky.

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