Florida, once the country’s major swing state, is now trending Republican

Over the years, Florida voters have demonstrated their ability to swing the election. Since the 1990s, when Bill Clinton was president, the state has gone back and forth.

But former President Donald Trump saw an increase in his support in 2020. And now, in a historic change, registered Republicans outnumber registered Democrats in Florida.

In the mid-term of Tuesday, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis The Democratic challenger is running for re-election against Charlie Crist – also the former Republican governor of the state. holds a more moderate view than Krist DeSantis, whose controversial approach to issues such as immigration And COVID-19 has made him an emerging contender for the Republican presidential nomination. 2024,

One voter, Justin Kaplan, told CBS News at a Miami restaurant that he did not vote for DeSantis the first time and would not vote for him again, but he still feels that DeSantis has been “wrongfully defamed. “

“And I think the national narrative, and certainly the narrative out of this state of Florida, is not really in line with what is happening here,” he said.

Early polling numbers in the mid-term showed that registered Republican Voters Miami-Dade County casts more ballots than Democrats, which means Republicans may occupy a heavily Democratic field.

according to votersThe top issues at stake in this election range from abortion to the economy to personal liberty.

DeSantis often compares Florida to other states that are run by Democrats, and voters have taken notice.

“We have our freedom here, you know, a lot more than in other states,” said Dave Hobbin at a Melbourne restaurant.

Another voter said he thinks DeSantis is “very family-oriented.”

“He, you know, cares about people, doesn’t BS around, as you know,” said Katherine Graham, a registered independent at a Melbourne restaurant.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Florida passed a 15-week abortion ban, which was expected to be upheld by the state’s Supreme Court.

Crist has said he would defend abortion rights in Florida if elected, which Edith Owens believes is the most important issue in the campaign.

At a Christ rally in Miami, he expressed concern about DeSantis’ support for the ban, saying, “Freedom is not free until you are free to make your own decisions.”

When it was pointed out that DeSantis made “freedom” a big cry of his campaign, Owens commented “he is not [for] Freedom. He has stolen our freedom from the state of Florida.”

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